27 clans confirm participation in Bika netball tournament


27 clans will take part in this year’s Bika netball tournament slated to kick off on Saturday 16th-July at St Lawrence University.

This was confirmed by Dr Sarah Nkonge the vice chairperson BIFONEC in a press conference held at Bulange.

“I call upon all stake holders to come and render support as they have done in the men’s tournament. We believe through this we can develop talent you never know we can get the likes of Peace Proscovia.”

“It will be free entrance so we expect numbers as games will kick off at 9:00am.”

She added

The 27 clans have been grouped in four groups,

Group A has Mbwa, Ngo, Omutima Omusagi, Ngeye, Ndiga and Kasimba.

In Group B there is Nsenene, Ngaali, Mpeewo, Ngabi Nsamba, Mbogo, Kinyoomo and Balangira.

In group C we have Mamba Kakoboza, Lugave, Musu, Ntalaganya, Ffumbe, Nte and Ngabi Nyunga.

Njovu, Mmamba Gabunga, Nnyonyi Nyange, Nkima, Kkobe and Ngonge make up Group D

Saturday 16th-July Fixtures

Group A

Mutima Musagi Vs Ngeye
Ngo Vs Mutima Musagi
Ngeye Vs Mbwa

Group B

Nsenene Vs Ngaali
Mpeewo Vs Ngabi Nsamba
Mbogo Vs Kinyoomo
Balangira Vs Nsenene
Ngaali Vs Mpeewo

Group C

Mamba Kakoboza Vs Lugave
Musu Vs Ntalaganya
Ffumbe Vs Nte
Lugave Vs Musu
Ntalaganya Vs Kakoboza

Group D

Njovu Vs Mamba Gabunga
Nyange Vs Nkima
Kkobe Vs Ngonge
Mamba Gabunga Vs Nyange
Nkima Vs Njovu

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