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AFCON 2023: Unveiling the Top Scorers for the Next Golden Boot


The Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) is a testament to the continent’s football strength, where athletes showcase their skills, passion, and commitment on the grandest stage. And, among the many accolades, the Golden Boot award goes to the top scorer – the player who combines precision and prowess to find the back of the net.

From prolific veterans to emerging talents, these players are hailed as icons, each goal etching their names in football history. However, it’s not just the athletes and the atmosphere of the tournament that’s making it fun; sports betting is also one of the reasons.

AFCON 2023: Top Scorers and Betting Guide

With AFCON 2023, the focus is on the key players who might become the tournament’s top scorers. These athletes have the potential to dominate the scoreboards and lead their teams to victory. If you’re still unsure who to bet on, check out this ultimate AFCON betting guide to give you more insights on who to cheer for this prestigious event.

AFCON Top Scorers

AFCON is a prestigious tournament that aims to showcase the football talent of African nations and determine the best national team in the continent. And this year, here are the athletes who stole the spotlights during the tournament with their remarkable play. 

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Vincent Aboubakar: A Dazzling Display of 8 Goals

Aboubakar, the dynamic forward and captain of Cameroon, took center stage during the 2021 AFCON tournament. His exceptional talent propelled him to claim the prestigious Golden Boot, an award earned by netting eight impressive goals. Aboubakar’s journey commenced in the group stage, where he unleashed his scoring prowess with a brace each against Burkina Faso and Ethiopia. 

His remarkable contribution remained consistent throughout the competition, with a fifth goal secured during a draw with Cape Verde. Although his team bowed out in the semifinals against Egypt, Aboubakar’s impact was undeniable. The tournament flourished as he scored twice in the third-place match, culminating in a remarkable tally – the highest since 1974, just one goal short of the all-time single tournament record.

Karl Toko Ekambi: A Force to Be Reckoned With 5 Goals

Joining the ranks of AFCON’s top scorers is Karl Toko Ekambi, a formidable forward who left his mark with five goals. His performance showcased finesse and power, making him a key player in his team’s journey. Hailing from Cameroon, Ekambi’s contributions played a crucial role in his team’s progression throughout the tournament.

Mané, Mhango, and Koné: Rising Stars with 3 Goals Each

Sadio Mané, Gabadinho Mhango, and Ibrahima Koné proved their mettle in the AFCON arena by each netting three goals. These rising stars made their presence felt on the field, contributing significantly to their respective teams’ campaigns. Their combined goals increased the tournament’s excitement and showcased their potential to become future legends.

Barrow, Khazri, Pépé, and Salah: Stellar Performances with 2 Goals Each

Musa Barrow, Wahbi Khazri, Nicolas Pépé, and Mohamed Salah exhibited prowess by securing two goals each in the AFCON field. These exceptional athletes left their mark on the tournament, demonstrating their ability to impact the game’s outcome and contribute to their teams’ success.

AFCON Shaped By History

AFCON’s history boasts exceptional athletes who’ve lit up the tournament with their goal-scoring prowess. It reflects on achievers like Vincent Aboubakar, Pierre Ndaye Mulamba, and Karl Toko Ekambi, who highlight that AFCON represents more than just football – it embodies dedication, skill, and unity. 

The legacy of Golden Boot winners resonates beyond the field, reminding fans that the spirit of AFCON lives on in every goal, every cheer, and every heart that beats for the game.

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