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Bank of Baroda purchases Air tickets worth Shs10m for Uganda Kabaddi teams to India



Bank of Baroda Uganda has supported the Kabaddi Federation of Uganda with Shs10m to help purchase Air tickets for Uganda Kabaddi teams to India, Haryana.

The Federation will take a team of 10 ladies who will play as team Uganda, 8 men for 8 professional league clubs, ,2 coaches and a government official from National Council of Sports.

According to Kabaddi Federation of Uganda CEO Edgar Mujuni the program will help improve the sport in Uganda and thanked all the companies that have supported them

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“I thank every company and indivii who has supported us as we prepare for the journey to India. We are still in need of support and so we call more companies to come and support the teams.”

This is a great opportunity for our players who will benefit financially and also have a number of friendlies in India which will greatly improve the game in Uganda.”

Stated Mujuni.

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The teams are currently camping in Matuga with 15 ladies and 15 men. They are expected to depart for India on 24th November and return on 21st December.

Kabaddi players in action

Newton Property Developers, Afriasia Global, Rama Nand Group of companies, Airtel Uganda, Tata Uganda, Daxesh, KCL Group, TKT and Denis Omondi have also supported the teams

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