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BIKA FOOTBALL: Ffumbe, Ngabi and Lugave target knock out stage in final group matches



The Bika Byabaganda Football group stage games will climax on Monday 24th July with eight games

Already qualified Ngeye and Omutima Omusagi from group D will face off at Wakissha.

Ngeye has 11 points while Omutima Omusagi has nine points.

Mpindi and Kinyomo have four and two points respectively, they are only playing for academic reasons.

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It is still tight in group B where 1st placed Ffumbe with eight points are followed by Ngabi Nsamba who are tied on six points with Ngonge in third while Musu has only two points.

Ffumbe will face off with Ngabi Nsamba at Kawanda SS while Musu and Ngonge will also play at Old Kampala SS.

Group A leaders Ngo with 11 points host Lugave at Old Kampala SS.

Lugave are in third position with seven points

Second placed Nsenene (ten points) will play Nvuma in tfourth position, Nvuma has lost all the five group stage games.

Group C leaders Omutima Omuyanja will play Nte at Wakissha while Mbogo and Kkobe will also play at Buddo SS.

Omutima Omuyanja leads the group with ten points, Kkobe are second with seven points, Mbogo have six points in the third position while Nte is bottom placed with only three points.

Monday 24th July Games

Buddo SS

Kinyomo Vs Mpindi-2:00pm
Mbogo Vs Kkobe-4:00pm

Old Kampala SS

Ngo Vs Lugave-2:00pm
Ngoonge Vs Musu-4:00pm

Kawanda SS

Nvuma Vs Nsenene- 2:00pm
Ngabi Nsamba Vs Ffumbe-4:00pm


Omutima Omusagi Vs Ngeye-2:00pm
Omutima Omuyanja Vs Nte-4:00pm

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