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Buganda Region Football Associations reschedules match day three games



The Buganda Region Football Associations (BRFA) has confirmed rescheduling match day three of the Buganda Regional League.

The games were supposed to be played on Sunday 12th November but will instead be played on Saturday 11th of the same month.

On Sunday 12th, Buganda Province will be hosting West Nile in the return leg quarter finals of the FUFA Drum tournament at Kavumba Recreation grounds.

An official document from BRFA signed by the General Secretary Brian Ssejemba confirmed the rescheduling of match day three,

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“Match Day 3 will be played on Saturday 11th Nov, 23 with time and venue remaining as per fixture in respect of the FUFA Drum Fixture for Buganda vs Westnile on 12th Nov, 23.”

The Buganda Regional League officially kicked off on Sunday 29th October.

Matchday two will be played on Sunday 5th of November.

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