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Burundi’s Primus League : Africa’s last stand league amidst Coronavirus outbreak



Burundi is the only African country yet to suspend sporting activities following the COVID-19 outbreak.

In fact, the Burundi Primus League together with the Belarusian and Nicaraguan top-tiers are the only top-flight leagues running currently world over.

Not until 1st April, Burundi was among the eight African nations yet to register any coronavirus case in their territories. Others being Sierra Leone, Botswana, Sao Tome and Principe, Comoros, Malawi, Lesotho and South Sudan.

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President’s Cup quarterfinal between Vital’O and Musongati played on Sunday (courtesy)

Over the weekend, the Burundi Coupe du President (domestic cup) and games in the beach soccer league were played with fans in the stands.

Volleyball, Basketball and games in the Women top-flight and second division leagues are also being played.

Beach Soccer games were played over the weekend (courtesy)

There are only four games left until the climax of the top-flight with Le Messager Ngozi leading the table with 54 points accumulated from 26 matches.

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Le Messager Ngozi is home to Ugandan players Brian Allan Kizza and Steven Mugisha and will be in action against 4th placed Vital’O next weekend.

Allan Brian Kizza and Steven Mugisha play for Le Messager Ngozi

The government of Burundi put in place strict measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic such as limiting entry of people into the country.

Africa has registered over 5500 coronavirus cases, 177 deaths and 387 recovered.

Burundi who have now registered two cases, together with Sierra Leone and Botswana are the latest countries to record COVID-19 cases as of 1st April.

It is up to the Burundi Football Federation to decide whether to halt the league games or not since the government has not imposed any restrictions on gatherings, meetings, conferences, weddings and sporting activities.

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