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CORONA VIRUS : Japan hints at Olympics postponement



Japan’s Olympics minister Seiko Hashimoto says the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Games could be postponed from the summer due to the outbreak of the corona virus.

Hashimoto says Japan is doing it’s best to ensure that the games are held as planned within 2020.

The games are scheduled to be held between 24th July to 9th August but could be shifted to the end of the year.

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She opened up the possibility of a postponement saying Tokyo’s contract with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) calls for the games to be held within 2020.

The world is currently facing the outbreak of corona virus which originated from China before spreading to more than 60 countries and claiming over 3,000 lives.

A number of sporting events and football games have been postponed because of the outbreak.

The 2020 World Athletics Championship and the Chinese Grand Prix are some of the events that have been called off recently.

Uganda is one of the nations expected to participate in the global games in various disciplines.

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