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Fifi Pinky narrates her journey into Journalism



Phiona Namiiro alias Fifi Pinky is one of the few female sports Journalists in the country, one that has inspired many into broadcasting, this year she celebrates 10 years into professional Journalism.

Namiiro narrates her journey into broadcasting

“The nature of humanity is that, many times a unique talent springs out in any field and, captures people’s imagination to an extent that the person in question becomes an icon.”

“Mention any vocation and, the names will filter in like water from a sprinkler. In Ugandan mainstream media, the female species has periodically emerged and left purists, and naysayers equally amazed (Ugandan sports is not an exception)”, that is the summary about a recent article on the UBC website about the 10 years of service by yours truly. It was quite humbling to experiencing how my simple career attract such immense attention.”

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On joining UBC

To God be all the glory! October 1st 2012 is the day I joined the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) after starting out humbly as a sales executive for Capital Radio and sports reporter for Beat FM between 2010 and 2011. A year later, Mr. Nyombi Nicholas- a man I have grown to regard as a brother and, the Alpha – made sure I join them on Dembe FM. Aldrine Nsubuga my role model for that matter made life comfortable for me to quench my passion for sports after a plethora of altercations regarding Serena Williams, Cristiano Ronaldo and, my favorite, Liverpool.

“My UBC entry was greatly inspired by Kenneth Musisi who lured me to join them on Star FM. Here I am now, a girl from Kikakanya, Kyagwe called PHIONA NAMIIRO a.k.a. FIFI PHIONA PINKY a.k.a. Mummy SKY SERENOLD ELISHA SIMON. At UBC, I landed into the senior hands of Peter “Abu” Zikusooka who alongside Kenneth moulded me from a young girl to the Head of Sports at Star FM (a title they never despised at any one moment despite being my seniors). Like all journeys, this too has not all been rosy but, it’s one you look at in retrospect and wouldn’t wish to have avoided. I have met great souls, worked with extremely talented personalities and been part of several interesting stories and, or events.”

“To God be all the glory, from the dynamic trio of legends Stuart Mutebi Kiwanuka, Francis Kyeyune and Ruben Luyombo whose wealth of experience came in handy; all through to magnificent talents like Omwana Moze Tamale, Haruna Kyobe( Holds a special place in my heart),Agnes Katende, George Ssebanenya and the now departed Rehema Nakabuye (RIP); all the way to Bana Swaib Luyombya (I can,t run out of superlatives describing these souls).

Kasasa Ivan welcomed me with open arms and great intentions to the “morning show”, David Mugerwa Nsumba is a commentary voice with unique vocabulary and spiced info and, then there is my Peter Otai and the entire AZAM TV crew, great memories.

The sponsors that trusted me to endorse brands empowered me financially.

(BETIN UGANDA, DSTV, AZAM TV,GLORY ELECTRONICS,KISITU ELECTRONICS,IDI,V I P,SC VILLA,FUFA,MTN MPAATANEL,KIRA YOUNG,SOCCANET and so many others)Truly appreciative to fellow journalist who have held my hand here and there and I forgive those that made/make life difficult at times.

I draw strength from all experiences.I could write a book about all my workmates because their list is endless but let me reserve that for another day, so help me God. Before I conclude, I need to chip in this duo of Clive Kyazze and Tendo Nicktah Musoke who for a spell made a memorable combo with yours truly. Clive is/ was that ever informed guy who was never afraid to break the big stories and leave everyone biting their nails while Nicktah is/ was that rare gem who would split any sports atom with a unique point of view that wowed even the culprits into submission. I will always thump my chest for convincing this veteran deejay to share with the country his other passion.

Thanks her former bosses and recent ones

Ben Baggio Nyombi, you kn’am saying mehn!To all my superiors and bosses, thank you for the trust and encouragement, if it wasn’t for you, there would be no FIFI PHIONA PINKY! Nicholas Nyombi (who believed in me from the word go); Doris Liz Nansamba (always a mum at work); the irreplaceable legend Mulindwa Muwonge (continue resting in paradise); Mr Kihika Paul;my current bosses i.e. Mr. Charles Bwanika Ssensuwa, Dr. Kaggwa and Mr. Maurice Mugisha, gracious. I can’t take anything for granted.To my friends who have stuck with me through thick ‘n thin and, gave me a shoulder to lean on when things were not rosy, I wish I had enough words to describe you beautiful souls.

To her friends

Nelson Mpaata “Mpaatanel”; Richard Kitamagwa a.k.a. Basiima Ogenze, Ntege Nordeen, Claire Lukwago; Becky Cynthia (the most bearable soul in the sports fraternity); the ever-wild Asha Mohammed (okikola otya, from childhood?!); SKY SERENOLD’s other mother Julie Musoke; Fauziah Nakiboneka (my Fuzzie who loves wholesomely despite not giving herself away so easily) and, lastly my knight in shining armor Desire Luzinda (an extremely pure soul, amazingly generous person and, incredibly inspirational character).

“Desire nsobola okufa mukifo kyo.”God bless you abundantly my ninjas.To my loving family, thank you for bearing with the competition between my passion for work and sharing time with you. It’s not easy to be understood under such circumstances.There is this unique soul who is a mix of all both friend and family.”

Lukwago Jimmy is a short tempered brother who loves unconditionally and Kibuuka Robert (Bob) is always there no matter the circumstances. These ones I can trust my life with.The best football administrator – I have worked with, Ben Immanuel Misagga, I salute you respectfully for you having welcomed me into your life unconditionally and, taught me a lot about people and work. The virtues of honesty, humility, hard-work plus humor always ring a bell in my ears everywhere I go and, your bottomless heart that keeps helping and guiding without tiring is out of this world. Big brother you are a rare gem.God be with you always! Namiiro Phiona alias Fifi Pinky

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