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FUFA fines Tooro province for “drinking” Nivana water



Tooro province has been slapped with a hefty fine of 1,000,000/= for violating the a FUFA Drum competition rules and regulations after they were seen drinking Nivana water on match day which is in contravention to the sponsorship terms.

Despite the fact that Nivana are also FUFA partners with the Cranes brand, the Drum is a different competition which also has its own corporate partners and sponsors who include among others MTN Uganda, Nile Special, Crystal Water, Harris International and NIC.

All participating teams in the Drum are obliged to follow the competition terms and conditions as stipulated by Section T which states that,

3) The team management commission of the provinces are mandated to ensure compliance with the FUFA contractual obligations.

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4) No team will sign for the sale of commercial rights of their respective province without written authorisation from FUFA.

5) Violation of the provisions of the chapter may lead to sanctions.

The problematic match was played on Sunday 23rd July at Kigaaya play grounds in Hoima and it ended in a 1-1 stalemate.

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