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FUTSAL : FAU completes second phase of strategic planning process



The Futsal Association Uganda (FAU) has completed the second phase of its Strategic planning process.

The multi phased three-month process started with an internal data collection endeavor and later on expanded to its stakeholders in the second set.

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The process whose specific objectives were to get an insight on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the Association targeted a scope of eight categories that include;

Futsal coaches
• The fans
• The players
• Administrators
• Media
• Medical personnels
• Futsal referees
• Potential partners.

It further stretched out to capture the economic, social, technological, political and legal issues within the apparent working environment.

The process enjoyed upto 71% response rate and the Association gladly thanked whoever was involved in the critical planning piece.

Mr. Hamza Junju, the FAU chairman emphasized the importance of the process and hinted on what it means to the development of the futsal game in Uganda.

“ The strategic planning survey has been a success as we were able to capture feedback from a number of stakeholders in the sports industry especially in Uganda and if you look at this report it has clearly highlighted areas of strength and weakness which we need to look at carefully and be able to plan a way ahead.”

Junju said via FAU official website (

Hamza Junju, the FAU chairman

“ So this is going to create a very good foundation for the game in the country to push us for the next five years. This has been great feedback which we believe as FAU we are going to use well to make sure we get the ball rolling for the growth of the game in the country and Africa at large.”

He added

In line with the Federation of Uganda Football Associations’ vision, FAU targets improvements in areas of task execution, process implementation, self regulation, self evaluation, planning and evaluation.

Yeak Kabowa won the 2018/19 Futsal Super League

It should be noted that, as members of FUFA, The Futsal Association of Uganda (FAU) is restructuring to have a strategic plan that rhymes with FUFA’s vision to be the number one football nation in Africa both on and off the pitch.

The entire process is expected to have five phases to end on Friday 31st July 2020 with FAU unveiling the 2020-2024 strategic plan.

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