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George Nkurunziza: Referees are like lab rats in Uganda



Former referee George Nkurunziza has revealed that referees Uganda are like lab rats to the highest of sanctions.

Nkurunziza abruptly resigned from active refereeing before he was banned by FUFA for 10 years over match fixing.

“Whenever football laws and regulations in this country, referees are the lab rats to the highest of sanctions, when it comes to someone like a fan who leads to the abandonment of a match warnings, warnings.”

He told this website.

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“When an offence is committed by someone from with in administration the sword henchman becomes blunt rather an internal process away from the public and the process.”

“The punishments are more destructive than rehabilitative. Why are players banned for five years and referees ten years.” That is all I can say.” Nkurunziza stated

Last week, Deogracious Opio (Referee) was also banned by the Federation for 10 years.

Players Godfrey Lwesibawa, Andrew Waiswa, Mahad Yaya, Franco Oringa and Maganda Saleh were banned for five years for fixing games.

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