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Hassan Alwi explains why he pulled out of the Sexy Speed Rally



Rally Driver Hassan Alwi has revealed the reason why his team, International University of East Africa pulled out of the forthcoming Sexy Speed Rally.

During a press conference held at IUEA boardroom on Monday stated that he was excited to take part in the event schedule for 26th-27th November in Jinja but his team decided not to take part in respect of their culture.

“This is the first ever rally that we are missing in Uganda since we started in 2015 and I personally have been excited and prepared for this particular Rally. It has broken my heart that our team is not going to take part.”

“I did not mind about the name and all that but there was a bit of confusion with my team in regards to why such a name but it was not a problem for me personally but as an institution that I represent and what we are trying to do.

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“Our culture has always been focused on integrity, doing good and standing for what is right. We have come a long way in regards to promoting that and I would say it’s been a good journey but the whole idea of symbolizing women especially half naked women in an event where we are always with our families.”

“I have two daughters who usually accompany me in most rallies this is a bit ackward for them and I wouldn’t want them to be there.” Stated Alwi

He added:

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“I really wanted to compete in this Championship but because of this small issues I can’t decide for the team am just part of the team and I will go with what the majority have decided.”

“I know I will be losing out on my effort on the championship as well as my favorite event which is the Jinja Rally but I will stick to what my team has decided to do. We are not against the organisers or the Federation.”

Alwi joins other Drivers Didas Matsiko and Timothy Gawaya to withdraw from the event. For starters over 20 Drivers had confirmed entrant as of last week.

The National Rally Championship Standings

•Duncan Mubiru -350
•Hassan Alwi-280
•Fred Mutaka -270
•Omar Mayanja -260
•Jas Mangat – 180

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