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Magogo reiterates Villa trustees should entrust fans with electing club leadership


David GOMBE 

FUFA President Moses Magogo says that Villa’s only challenge now is electing club leaders and has called upon the trustees to give the fans an opportunity to run their club.

Magogo revealed this during his address on the status of SC Villa on 102.1 FUFA FM

“We solved the issue of ownership which has been a major challenge to the club. The only remaining thing is electing leadership and the fans who are now the owners of the club have a right to elect a leader from themselves.”

The trustee should handle the assets of the club but the business of running the club is business they can no longer handle. So leave it to the fans to run their club and then the trustees run the trustee.”

Magogo added that the most successful football club in the land can only return to glory days if they solve the issue of leadership

“We have one of the best squads and I believe in one or two years we shall be back to where we belong, if the fans are given an opportunity to elect.”

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On the dismissal of Shawn Mubiru as the club CEO

“I find it unnecessary to dismiss Shawn Mubiru. As a fan, I did not agree with his appointment but the man has proved me wrong. He has done very many fundamental things like this system of 1439 registered fans, brought in some new players where we were able to beat some money bag clubs.”

“I don’t find it strategic for a club like Villa to replace him with someone who stopped an activity that the fans believed in.”

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Mubiru was replaced by Mrs Brenda Nambalirwa as the new club CEO.

After the failed elections in August this year, It was noted that Villa VMTs would go back to the ballot and 23rd October was selected as the new date of elections.

However, during a press conference on Saturday at City Oil Headquarters in Kamwokya, SC Villa trustees called upon for extension of the interim administration for another three months.

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