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“Nothing can stop the elections”. Villa Electoral committee chairman


David GOMBE 

Sports Club Villa elections go ahead as earlier planned according to the Villa Electoral Committee chairman Robert Kiggundu.

The VEC chairman Kiggundu confirmed the development on Saturday morning.

I wish to update you as follows:

“I received a call last night from one of the trustees and he told me that they had been served with an order to stop the elections. He added that they will be writing to me to stop the elections. I am still waiting for that letter up to now to.”

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I have seen a copy of the said order on social media but it has not been addressed to me or even been served to me. ”

I received a call from someone last night claiming to be someone who I can’t readily confirm asking me not to defy the court order.”

I have consulted with Counsel Walukagga on all these issues and he has advised as thus:

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Until I have a document in writing asking me to stop the elections, I cannot stop the elections. ”

I have therefore decided to proceed until I receive communication from writing either from the Trustees or the court. ”

Stated Kiggundu.

The 46 year old club’s faithfuls will go to the polls today to elect a new leader. Denis Mbidde and Hon. Medard Lubega Sseggona are both eyeing the club’s Presidency.

Elections are already underway at speke hotel gardens opposite Sheraton hotel.

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