SC Villa and Express fans join hands against hooliganism on match day


In a meeting convened at Kitebi Lubaga, SC Villa Vice chairman in charge of fans mobilisation Eng. Ben Immanuel Misagga, the executive leaders of fans of the two teams that will be hosting league games at Muteesa II stadium Wankulukuku have resolved to ensure that peace prevails to ensure that the two teams use the facility in harmony.

The two rivals have registered Muteesa II stadium Wankulukuku as their home ground, a move that did not go down well with Express fans.

Misagga however deemed it necessary for the two parties to strike a compromise and co exist regardless of their rivalry.

“We want to prove to the world that we can be rivals but not enemies, hosting matches at the same venue is very possible if we ensure that discipline.”

“We want to ensure that more fans are attracted to watch the matches at Wankulukuku”

Misagga said.

In attendance also was Express fans chairman Mr. Julius Bakunda who emphasised the same spirit.

They resolved to create a joint committee of six members with three from each side, this wil be entrusted with the task of ensuring match day harmony and will be given powers to punish any offenders.

On the matter of sitting arrangement on derby day, Express fans insisted that the Kisansa wing and the left hand terraces remain a preserve of Express fans regardless of the match day host.

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