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The huge brawl between America and São Caetano


For many reasons, the Copa Libertadores can be considered as quite an interesting football competition. The excellent online betting companies in Ghana – 1xBet features lots of betting opportunities on this championship.

This competition gathers the best teams from South America. Also, it used to have Mexican squads on some of their editions. It was precisely in one of the matches involving a Mexican team that the cup saw one of the biggest scandals in its history.

The 11th of May 2004 is a day that probably no fan of Mexican team America or Brazilian squad São Caetano will ever forget. These two squads came across each other in the round of 16 of the competition. The 1xBet Ghana website is a great online betting company where its members can wager in the decisive matches of the Copa Libertadores.

A heated match

A week before the brawl, both teams faced each other in Brazil. São Caetano won 2-1. While the Brazilian team had won, the away goal scored by the Mexicans gave them the chance to turn things around. The website features live wagers on all matches played in Mexican football, including those from America.

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On the 11th of May, both teams were going to play in the magnificent Azteca Stadium. Unfortunately for America, the match ended 1-1. Reinaldo Navia scored for the Mexican team, while Triguinho did the same for the Brazilians.

However, before the end of the match, the Mexicans started to show their frustration. Mexican legend Cuauthémoc Blanco hit Brazilian Anderson Lima with his elbow directly in his face. Lima fell to the floor, and after that, a huge chaos erupted. The 1xBet live platform also features chances to wager on players who will get a red card.

Chasing the rivals

After the brawl erupted, and still with a few minutes of match left, the Brazilians decided to leave the field. Fans can download 1xBet app to smartphone, and from there wager on the best matches of Brazilian football.

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While São Caetano ran to their dressing room, they were literally being followed by America players and staff. They tried to punch and kick everybody in order to prevent them from leaving the field.

Some fans who were behind the entrance to the dressing room also started to get involved. Strangely, even two wheelbarrows were thrown by fans into the field.

There were some severe consequences for those involved. For example:

  • Cuauthémoc Blanco was banned for 1 year from any competition hosted by the South American confederation;
  • the Azteca stadium was banned from receiving fans for three matches;
  • and America was forced to pay a 50 thousand dollar fine.

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