The National Professional Soccer League

In the United States and Canada, football is certainly not the most popular sport. The website 1xBet offers best sports betting in Kenya. Other disciplines that tend to enjoy more support and bigger fandoms include:

  • baseball;
  • American and Canadian football (not to be confused with association football, or soccer, or simply football);
  • basketball;
  • and ice-hockey.

The creation of the MLS in the 1990s finally created a solid football championship in that part of the world. Prior to its establishment, there were many other tournaments that basically appeared and disappeared all the time. The 1xBet website offers the best sports betting experience in Kenya, and it can be used to wager on the Major League Soccer as well.

Short-lived competitions

The first attempts to have a serious football competition in the United States and Canada can be traced to the 1960s. This decade saw the creation of two competing tournaments. One of them was the United Soccer Association, and the other was the National Professional Soccer League, also known as NPSL. The betting app on iOS available on can be downloaded for free and used to wager on other great tournaments from this part of the world.

The NPSL was established in 1966. However, they immediately had some problems. For example, they didn’t have official endorsement from US Soccer. This also meant that players and coaches who became involved in the NPSL would receive sanctions. The iOS betting app available on 1xBet, on which punters can wager on North American football teams, is fully available for iPad and iPhone devices.

Participating teams

In total, nine teams from the United States and one from Canada became part of the NPSL. These ten squads were divided into two groups of five teams each. After playing a round-robin, the winners would play against each other in a final match. The online bookmaker can also be used to wager on other decisive matches from different competitions. Some of the squads that were part of this championship were:

  • the Baltimore Bays;
  • the Oakland Clippers;
  • the St. Louis Stars;
  • the Philadelphia Spartans;
  • the New York Generals;
  • and the Chicago Spurs.

Only a single season was played. In that tournament, the Clippers and the Bays were the winners of their respective zones. Whenever other round-robin competitions are being played, you can also visit the 1xBet online bookmaker and wager on them.

This meant that these two teams played against each other in the finals. They took place on the 3rd and 9th of September 1967. The Clippers were the winners, after winning for a global result equal to 4-2.


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