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Uganda Netball Federation fails to pay office rent for Shs12M



The Uganda Netball Federation offices have been closed due to failure to pay three months rent.

The offices located at the Aga Khan building Old Kampala have closed after the Federation failed to clear rent fees for October, November and December.

The Federation pays Shs4M per month and now their arrears total to Shs12M.

“It’s true the offices are closed, it’s because of rent, the premises owner is demanding us arrears for three months.

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“We have been telling people that we have never received any government funding from the NCS, I think it’s now time for the public to know that the federation doesn’t have money, I have been using my money to pay rent but as a person time reaches when you don’t have and yet we have a number of engagements both local and international.” The Uganda Netball Federation President Sarah Kityo Babirye as quoted by Voice of Bugerere.

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