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“We need to have proper football on the pitch” Magogo



FUFA president Moses Magogo has revealed that Federation they are going to put much emphasis on developing and improving the quality of football on the pitch.

According to Magogo this will be achieved with the help of the FUFA Technical Master plan 2023-2030 that was launched on Tuesday at Imperial Royale.

“The sport of football has gone through evolution. Football is a game for everyone and it is in our plan as shown in our ‘Hattrick’ strategy. We want it to be any Ugandan(s) choice not to play football because they don’t want but not because they can’t access football.”

“We need to have proper football on the pitch and the moment can’t be better than now.  As FUFA, we are going to give it our best effort and trust me like our track record can ably show, when we say we are going to do it. Trust me, we mean it.”

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Said Magogo before adding,

“We have done our analysis, consulted, and done studies, among others.
We know where the challenges have been and will be addressed by this FUFA Technical Master Plan 2023-2030.”

“The FUFA Technical MasterPlan 2023-2030 is going to be our ‘bible’ (to be followed religiously to the dot) to deliver football in an organised way.” Said Magogo

According to FUFA the Technical Master Plan is the foundation to help develop and improve the quality of football on the field with specific mission to;

1-Install mass football for all and create High Performance culture for elite performers.
2-Install a Universal playing style for Uganda National Teams and clubs producing entertaining and purposeful football.
3-Installing Ugandan football players in the world’s top most leagues.

The plan is built on key pillars of;

1-Mass football
2-Elite football
3-Professional football
4-Life after football

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