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World Cup commentator sacked over Ziyech goal



Hakim Ziyech’s goal in Morocco’s 2-1 win over Canada in their group stage encounter cost a Turkish commentator his job.

Alpher Bakircigil working with Turkish TV TRT was fired for mentioning Hakan Sukur’s name which is forbidden in Turkey due to political differences with the country’s President Tayyip Erdogan.

Bakircigil told the viewers during his commentary that Sakur’s goal is the fastest goal ever scored at the World Cup finals.

He was sacked on spot for mentioning Sukur’s name at halftime and replaced by a colleague for the rest of the match

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“I was kicked out of TRT, where I proudly worked for many years after the event that took place. Parting is part of love. Hope to see you again. Goodbye.” Tweeted Bakircigil.

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