Buganda minister for sports Sekabembe Kiberu confirms ticket fees for Bika finals

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Buganda Minister for Sports and Leisure Henry Ssekabembe Kiberu has made a rallying call to all Baganda and well wishers to come and witness both the football and Netball finals that will be played on Saturday 11th March at Muteesa II Stadium Wankulukuku.

This was during the launch of both the football and Netball Ngabo at Bulange Mengo.

In football, Kkobe and Fumbe will face off for the third place before Lugave and Ndiga play the final.

Lugave and Nyonyi Nyange will play for the third place while Ngeye and Mamba Namakaka are to play the final in net ball

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Kiberu also emphasised the need to teach the young ones the norms and cultures and this can only be done by bringing them to watch clans play,

“I call upon all the clan leaders to mobilise, we need numbers.”

“Buganda can only achieve by supporting these games if the clan heads can host the teams that are going to play on Saturday, more value will be added to what we yearn to achieve.”

“We are giving each clan a space in Wankulukuku so mobilisation is key it will be a shame if we fail to raise the numbers.”

The minister also highlighted on the prices for the tickets.

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“The ordinary tickets will be for 10000/=, VIP is at 20000/= and the kids will pay 5000/=.”

The winner in football will walk away with nine million shillings while the net ball champion will take seven million shillings.

The first runners up in football will get seven million shillings and Netball it will be five million shillings.

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The bronze winners will walk home with five million shillings and three million shillings in football and Netball respectively.

In football the fourth team will get three million shillings and one million shillings for netball

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