BIKA FOOTBALL: Owek. Sekabembe calls for more support for clans ahead of the final knock out round

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The Buganda Minister for Sports and Leisure Henry Ssekabembe Kiberu has continued to call upon Kabaka’s subjects to come in numbers to support their respective clans.

Kiberu made the remarks at Wankulukuku after Butiiko defeating Mazzi ga Kisasi 4-3 in spot kicks following a one all draw,

“We have finally come to the end of the first and second preliminary round of the Bika Byabaganda Football tournament, I congratulate the sides that have progressed to the round of 32 and to those that have lost go back on the drawing board and prepare for the next edition.”

“All clans have made proper preparations and they have given it all so it is now left to you the fans to come and support your clans I am sure the tournament will regain its glory.”

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25 clans that got a bye plus the five that have progressed to the next round waiting for BIFONEC to determine the best two loosers at the second preliminary round seal the round of 32.

The 30 clans so far at the round of 32 are Njovu, Butiko, Nvuma, Nkima, Mbwa,Ndiga, Lugave, Ffumbe, Kkobe, Mmamba Namakaka, Ngeye, Nte, Mpindi, Omutima Omuyanja, Musu, Mbogo, Nsenene, Kinyomo, Mamba Kakoboza, Ngoonge, Olulyo Olulangira, Njaza, Nkerebwe,Kasimba, Namungoona, Mutima Musagi, Ngabi Nyunga, Ngo, Ngaali and Ngabi Nsamba

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