Miss Uganda embarks on Miss World journey with Hannah Karema Football Tournament

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Marriages, and Promotes Education as She Embarks on Her Miss World Journey”

In a symphony of cheers and a blaze of enthusiasm, the Hannah Karema Football Tournament made its unforgettable debut in Kinoni sub county, Nakaseke District. This inaugural sporting spectacle, sponsored by StarTimes, became a mesmerizing display of talent, unity, and empowerment, transcending the boundaries of a typical football event. As the community rallied behind their teams, the spotlight shone brightly on Hannah Karema, the reigning Miss Uganda 2023/2024 and StarTimes Ambassador, who stood at the forefront of this sporting celebration while preparing to compete at Miss World this December in India.

With the tournament in full swing, Hannah Karema passionately championed her “My Miss World Journey” campaign, taking a stand against child marriages and fervently promoting education as a powerful path to a brighter future for the youth.

In her inspiring words, she stated, “Through sports and education, we can break barriers and empower young minds to believe in their dreams. I’m honored to be part of this tournament that not only celebrates football but also fosters unity and fights against harmful practices like child marriages.”

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At the heart of the tournament was the grand finale held at Kayonza Football pitch, where Kayonza FC faced off against the resilient Kinoni FC. As the crowd held its breath, the players unleashed their passion and prowess on the pitch, each moment building to an electrifying crescendo.

In an awe-inspiring feat, Kinoni FC emerged victorious with a stunning one-zero triumph over their opponents. The goalkeeper’s heroic saves and the team’s unwavering spirit secured their historic win, sparking jubilant celebrations that reverberated throughout the entire community.

Dignitaries from various sectors graced the event, showcasing their support for talent development, community upliftment, and the fight against child marriages. Leaders like Chairman LC 3 Kinoni, Ham Nahurira, Statehouse mobilizer Robert Rwakandare, LC 5 District Councillor Julius Nabimanya, and CEO Miss Uganda Brenda Nanyonjo lauded the initiative and praised the exceptional performance of the participating teams.

Adding to the splendor, StarTimes Uganda made a generous donation that further fueled the tournament’s spirit of unity and empowerment. The StarTimes Ambassador, Hannah Karema, proudly handed over the gleaming trophy, vibrant jerseys, and brand-new footballs to the deserving winners, along with the well-deserved cash prizes.

The Hannah Karema Football Tournament left an indelible mark, fostering a sense of camaraderie and pride that transcended the boundaries of the pitch. With its vibrant inaugural edition now etched into the annals of local sports history, it sets the stage for an inspiring legacy

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