Referees accuse Chairman of extortion and unfair treatment

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Denis Musanje

On February 11th, 2024, a meeting was convened by the Kampala Region Football Association, chaired by Kasalirwe Deirisa, who also serves on the FUFA Ethics and Disciplinary Committee panel.

During the meeting, referees expressed their grievances regarding mistreatment by the Secretary-General, Isaac Sengendo, who is also a Futsal International Referee.

Referees accused Sengendo of arrogance and insensitivity in managing referee affairs.

Isaac Sengendo also accused of arrogance and insensitivity (Photo/Courtesy)

Some referees alleged that Sengendo and Nkugwa Peter, the Chairman of the Referees Committee in Kampala Region, solicited money from referees in exchange for nominations for the FUFA National Referee’s badge.

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Kasalirwe assured referees that if these allegations were substantiated, he would not hesitate to take action against those involved.

Additionally, one referee disclosed receiving threatening calls, with statements like “choose between your life or refereeing.” Although evidence was promised, it was yet to be presented. Concerns were also raised about Nkugwa eligibility to head the referees in Kampala Region, as he has never been a referee himself.

Referees claimed Nkugwa threatened them whenever their decisions went against his affiliated team, Wembley Boys, which violates FIFA statutes prohibiting committee members from club affiliations.

Referees further criticized the unfairness in promotions to the national level, where less experienced individuals were prioritized over more competent ones.

They cited examples of referees with nine years of experience being overlooked, while those with only months or a year were recommended for promotion.

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The meeting concluded with Chairman Kasalirwe initiating investigations, awaiting the presentation of evidence.

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