2024 Corporate League: Top Performers to Win brand new Cars

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The anticipation is high as the 22nd edition of the Uganda Corporate League is set to kick off this Sunday, March 24th, at the prestigious Makerere University Kampala Sports Grounds where the best performers in the men’s and women’s categories will be awarded with cars.

Over 55 companies are in the final process of registering for the 22nd edition in what is being touted as the grandest edition of the Corporate League thus far.

Dennis Mbidde Ssebuggwawo, Corporate League Board Chairperson spoke about the league’s continued commitment to promoting physical wellness, team bonding as well accountability.

“We’ve curated an experience that delivers on all the pertinent fronts of team building.

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This is on top of the fact that we are encouraging companies to show up flamboyantly and project their brands in a light that benefits them and the corporate league,” Mr. Mbidde remarked.

“We are also being very intentional about the take-away experiences of the employees; and as such, have instituted a mechanism to give progress reports to the HR departments of all our participating companies. This year is packed with so many innovations and we can’t wait to roll them out.”

Dennis Mbidde Ssebuggwawo

The 2024 edition of the Corporate League comes with the addition of the Kids section that is set to be launched in May, themed “As I Pay, You Play,” encouraging parents in the Corporate League to come along with their children so they can be part of the fun and camaraderie.

Board Chairperson Mbidde and Mr Adu Rando, Managing Director of Nile Breweries, in unison, celebrated the continued relationship between the league and Nile Breweries.

Mr Adu Rando praised the Corporate League’s notion of fitness and health and the impact it had on the workforce at Nile Breweries.

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“The Corporate League’s notion of fitness, fun, networking, and health has helped the employees of Nile Breweries to bond, become more productive, and be more effective in the workforce,” remarked Mr. Adu Rando

Adu Rando

, Managing Director of Nile Breweries.


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The addition and spices kept coming as Mr.Randu announced that the Most Valuable Players for the year 2024 in both the men’s and women’s categories would each walk away with a car.

“The male MVP and female MVP will win a car to celebrate their hard work because we get to see a lot of talent on the Corporate League turf that never gets rewarded,”remarked Mr. Randu.

The addition of cars to the awards package for top performers shows Nile Breweries’ commitment to the growth of the Corporate League brand, as a premium corporate sports brand in the country.

“The Corporate League has evolved beyond mere competition. We are dedicated to fostering intentional team building and promoting a culture of excellence among
corporate entities. Our league is not just about sports; it’s about creating avenues for meaningful engagement, camaraderie, and personal growth for corporate individuals,”remarked Mr Fabian Kasi, Patron of the Corporate League and Managing Director of Centenary Bank.

Mr Fabian Kasi urged various HR Managers to hold employees accountable regarding active participation in the competition and heralded the competition as a beacon for corporate etiquette.

“Teams will be measured not only by their performance on the field but also by their conduct and sportsmanship. This event is an opportunity for companies to showcase their
commitment to excellence in all aspects of corporate culture.”

Mr.David Awilo Bashisha, the Head of Competitions Corporate League promised fair competition throughout the year as a result of the new point awarding system introduced
in 2023.

David Awilo Bashisha

He also committed to timekeeping, asserting that venue and fixtures will especially be communicated and delivered promptly.

“The launch of the Uganda Corporate League promises to be a momentous occasion, uniting companies from various industries in the spirit of camaraderie and healthy competition. With a commitment to excellence and teamwork, the Corporate League sets a new standard for corporate engagement in Uganda,” explained an ecstatic Mr.Julius Kakeeto, the MD of Post Bank Uganda.

The Companies: Centenary Bank, Hotel Africana, MTN Uganda, Nile Breweries Limited, Petroleum Authority Uganda, Platinum Credit, Post Bank, SCD Darling, Uganda Coffee Development Authority, KCB Bank, Insurance Regulatory Authority, Lubaga Hospital, Equity Bank, PWC, National Council of Sports, ICEA Uganda, PEBUU Africa, Roofings, Stanbic Bank, Housing Finance Bank, Coca-Cola, Crown Beverages Limited, Harris International, Diamond Trust Bank, I&M Bank, National Water & Sewerage Corporation, Bank Of Africa, Cavendish University, Movie Products, Parliament of Uganda, East Africa Roofings, International Diplomatic School, Eurofoam, Inspecta Africa, Chromatic Paints, Healthy Entrepreneurs.

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