Pepsi UFL: Appeals Committee upholds decision on St.Lawrence University Case

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The University Football League Appeals committee has upheld the Disciplinary committee ruling in the case between Kampala University and St. Lawrence University.

St.Lawrence had progressed to the semifinal stage after edging Kampala University 5-2 over the two legged Quarterfinal.

Kampala University petitioned that St.Lawrence University had fielded ineligible players Nkonge Saziri, Semujju Ivan and Mulwana Trevor.

In the ruling from the Disciplinary panel, St.Lawrence University (SLAU) was found guilty of fielding ineligible players and lost both of legs of their Quarterfinal with Kampala University 6-0 by forfeiture.

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SLAU appealed the decision to the Appeals committee that is headed by Decolas Kiiza.

The Appeals committee reviewed the ruling by the Disciplinary committee and found SLAU guilty.

The Appeals committee has upheld the earlier ruling by the Disciplinary committee.

Following the decision by the Appeals committee, Kampala University will now battle with Nkumba in the semifinal.

Kampala University will host the first leg on Tuesday as they aim for a place in this year’s final.

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