Olympic Gold Winners in Track to be rewarded $50,000 in Prize Money

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The World Athletics governing body has confirmed that it will reward Gold medalists in track and field at the 2024 Olympic games in Paris.

According to the athletics body, $2.4 Million will be shared by gold medalists across the 48 men’s, women’s and mixed events at the Paris Games.

The World Athletics’ decision will break the 128 years of Olympic tradition by becoming the first sport to give athletes prize money if they are victorious in Paris this summer.

Individual Gold medalists will receive $50000 each while Relay teams will split the $50,000 between their members.

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World Athletics President Sebastian Coe confirmed the development on Wednesday

“I came from an era where to compete for the UK, it was a second-class rail ticket, or a 5p per mile allowance, and you went for the one that was the best margin and a 75p meal voucher.”
“My view is that the world has changed. It’s really important that where possible we create a sport that is financially viable for our competitors. This is the beginning of that.” Said before adding,

“If I thought athletes were only competing because there was a financial pot at the end of the day, then I might take a very different view but they are not,” said Coe. “I think this gives them a little bit more skin in the game.”

World Athletics has also promised to extend the cash prizes to Olympic silver and bronze medal winners at the Los Angeles 2028 Games.

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