Vipers petition FUFA over referee Ali Sabila’s alleged malicious judgement

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Vipers SC have petitioned to FUFA over referee Ali Sabilla Chelengat’s unfair officiating during their Stanbic Uganda Cup quarterfinal exit at Kitara on Sunday.

Kitara prevailed 5-4 on penalties after a two-all draw in normal time and extra time.

In the same match, referee Sabila awarded three penalties, two to Kitara and other to Vipers SC.

Vipers have now petitioned FUFA in a letter signed by their Chief Executive Officer Simon Peter Njuba over the incidents that unfolded in the match at Masindi Municipal Stadium.

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In a letter seen by this website, Vipers state that referee Sabilla awarded Kitara a penalty in the 66 minute that was never valid as the purportedly fouled player Jude Semugabi carried out simulation.

According to the same letter, the Venoms claim that the same referee denied them a genuine penalty in the 87th minute when they had their player fouled in the forbidden area and in front of the referee.

They also pointed out the incident in which the same referee Sabilla awarded late minute penalty in their 1-0 Uganda Premier league defeat to KCCA at Kitende.

Vipers stated that it is disturbing that and shameful that such match officials who officiate their matches as the above mentioned are never reprimanded even when the evidence against them is overwhelming clear.

The development comes at a time when Vipers SC are preparing to face off again with Kitara FC in the Uganda Premier league contest at Masindi Municipal Stadium on Friday.

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