Video: Moses Golola dares legendary Ouma

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Moses Golola “of Uganda” ready to battle legendary boxer Khasim Ouma “the Dream” in a Boxing contest.

Golola confirmed the development during a meeting between Kickboxers at Mega Standard Supermarket

“I want to take on legend Ouma, I respect him but I believe I can beat him. I have been everyone in the country apart from Ouma, so I believe this is the right time for me to face him and we differentiate men from boys.”


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Ouma also promised to discipline Golola

“Golola will be breathing in and out, I am going to discipline him. I will just take milk before facing him. I respect him basing on what he has done for the game of kickboxing but against me he is just a kid.” Said Ouma.

Legend Khasim Ouma

Ouma was due to face Kenyan Rayton Okwiri on Boxing Day last year but the fight didn’t take place due to heavy rains and other challenges.

Meanwhile, Golola beat up Hamza “General Fungu” Keya 2-1 on split decision 49-46, 47-48 and 50-45 before a crowded gallery at Akamwesi Gardens, Kyebando along Gayaza road on the same day.

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