Masaza rules committee hands over report ahead of new season

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Masaza rules and regulations committee headed by chairperson Bernard Bainamani have handed over a detailed report to the Masaza Cup Organsing Committee (MCOC) chairman Hajji Sulaiman Ssejengo at Bulange Mengo.

Bainamani briefly highlighted on the key highlights in the report,

“Among the key factors emphasised in the report was how can avoid hooliganism in the tournament, improve on the officiating and how referees can be handled in case there are allegations of match fixing.”

“The Committee also believed there is need to have qualified Committee members for each county more so the head coach, team doctor, media officer as well as the safety and security officer.”

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“Ssejjengo appreciated the Committee for the job weldone,

“I appreciate the Committee for the job done according to the highlights from the chairman I am very sure the key stake holders were conducted so we are to get time and engage representatives from each county to go through the ammendments.”

The Committee had eight members Bainamani, Haruna Kyobe vice chairman and Sadam Ssebuyiira.

The other Committee members were Joseph Lutaaya, Andrew Mukisa Walakira, Gladys Zawedde, Festus Kirumira and Daniel Mwanje

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