Masaza Cup: Owek.Robert Sserwanga warns referees and team officials against match fixing and malpractices

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Owek Robert Sserwanga the minister in charge of sports in Buganda Kingdom has warned Masaza officials and referees to avoid engaging themselves in match fixing and malpractices.

The remarks come ahead of the first leg semi finals of the Masaza Cup tournament scheduled to be played on Sunday 1st October.

“I send a strong warning to all officials and the referees to avoid engaging themselves in match fixtures and malpractices”

“All those who will be found guilty will face the law and to those who get involved in hooliganism are to face the law.”

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The minister further warned all the counties planning not to honor the fixtures,

“In all we do let’s honor the fixtures we are complying evidence on the game between Kyaddondo and Buddu that ended with fighting when all is done we are to come out with a report.”

“Let us maintain displine in this tournament if it will require resting the Masaza Cup tournament for the better we are ready for that.”

Kyaddondo did not honor the second leg game quarter final that was supposed to be played at Masaka and grounds on Sunday 24th September.

Gomba will host Buddu at Kabulasoke PTC grounds while Mawokota will face off with Bulemeezi in the first leg on Sunday 1st October.

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