Magogo explains why FUFA didn’t consider a Ugandan coach for the Uganda Cranes job

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FUFA President Moses Magogo has explained why the Federation did not appoint a Ugandan coach for the Senior national team head coaching role.

On Thursday, morning FUFA unveiled Beligian Joseph Paul Put as the new Cranes head coach on a two year employment contract.

Magogo revealed that only two Ugandan coaches applied for the job did not measure to the standards of the Federation and those to the level are not even sure of themselves.

“When we put out a notice for people to apply, we got 250 applications and they were two Ugandans. According to our selection team, the two Ugandans who applied do not measure to the requirements that the Federation had as far as selection is concerned. Maybe they are other Ugandans if they had applied probably would have the kind of level that the Federation wanted. If somebody does not express interest in a job, it’s not right for us to consider them because they may not be interested. So we were guided by applications and the ones that applied do not measure to the standards to what we think as a federation.”

Said Magogo before adding

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“We have alot to do with our Ugandan coaches, most of our played here and were coached here. Definitely they are going to be limited and it’s should not be the national team that they should try. They are so many junior teams were these coaches are able to be tried out and we look at their performances with the junior teams as well. We also have clubs that employ Ugandans in this country and we look at their performances in international competitions not in the league because in the league you are playing against yourselves. How are we performing as Ugandan coaches in international competitions and junior teams. We also have a situation were people are not sure of themselves then that is a challenge.” He added

Magogo however believes the FUFA Master Plan will be helpful to Ugandan coaches.

Meanwhile, Put’s first task with Uganda Cranes will come this month with the team facing Guinea and Somalia in the 2026 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.

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