Anisha Muhoozi reveals when construction of phase II of the Omondi stadium starts

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KCCA FC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Anisha Shahir Muhoozi has confirmed that the construction of the second phase of MTN Omondi Stadium will commence in December this year.

The construction of the primary stand of the MTN Omondi Stadium, Lugogo is at the first phase level.

“Currently, the construction of the first phase of the stadium is complete. We expect to commence the second phase construction work in December 2023 and this is expected to go on until the end of 2024. The delays that have been encountered have been due to stadium design reviews and changes in order to match current CAF trends.” Said Muhoozi as per KCCA FC website

Muhoozi on the biggest challenge,

“Our biggest challenge is funding as the budget of construction for the entire stadium is approximately 55 Billion Uganda Shillings.”

“We call onto the Government of Uganda to increase funding towards sports infrastructure development for our stadium and other stadium especially now that we have AFCON 2027 looming.”

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On Monday, the Minister of State for Education and Sports (Sports), Hon. Peter Ogwang, NCS Chairman Ambrose Tashobya, NCS Secretary General Dr. Bernard Patrick Ogwel and the FUFA President, Hon. Moses Magogo inspected the Stadium in Lugogo.

FUFA President Moses Magogo was among those who inspected MTN Omondi Stadium (Photo/KCCA Media)

For starters, the stadium is one of the facilities proposed to be used as a training ground for AFCON 2027 tournament that Uganda will host along Kenya and Tanzania.

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