BIKA FOOTBALL: Ndiga, Ffumbe and Mmamba ejected as Nkima and Ngabi reach round of 16

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Mmamba Namakaka, Ffumbe and Ndiga bowed out at the round of 32 as Mmamba Kakoboza, Ngeye and Ngoonge matched on.

Ffumbe clan lost the return leg of the round of 32 2-0 to Nkima courtesy of Amuli Mukasa and Eric Ssenjobe.

Ffumbe had also lost the first the first leg 1-0, Nkima progressed to the group stages on 3-0 aggregate.

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2022 champions Ndiga were thrown out by Ngabi Nsamba on spot kicks 8-7 following the aggregate score from the two legs being 1-1.

Brian Nkubi scored the only goal as Lugave defeated Mmamba Namakaka 1-0.

Lugave had also won the first leg 2-1.

Ngeye’s would be opponent Ntalaganya failed yo honour the return leg fixture, Ngeye had managed a 4-0 victory in the first leg.

Brian Mayanja Mululi scored twice in Mmamba Kakoboza’s 3-0 victory against Omutima Omuyanja.

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The third goal for Mmamba Kakoboza was scored by goalkeeper Mathias Kigonya.

Last year’s finalists Mbogo threw our Kinyomo on aggregate 4-1, Nelson Senkatuka scored a hat-trick for Mbogo,

Alvin Birungi was on target for Kinyomo in the return leg, Mbogo had won the first leg 1-0.

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Nte, Mpindi, Nnyonyi Nyange, Kasimba, Nvuma , Mbogo,Nsenene, Ngoonge Nkima, Lugave Ngeye, Mmamba Kakoboza, Ngabi Nsamba, Omutima Omusagi and Njaza are the 15 clans that made it to the group stages.

Ndiisa and Mbwa’s fate awaits final decision from the Bika Byabaganda Football and Netball Committee (BIFONEC), Mbwa played under protest after failure to provide the players documents.

Round of 32 return leg Results

Nte 2-0 Ngabi Nyunga (Agg 3-0)
Nvubu 2-2 Mpindi ( Agg 2-6)
Ngo 2-1 Nnyonyi Nyange (2-4)
Njovu 1-3 Kasimba (Agg 2-3)
Nakinsige 1-0 Nvuma ( Agg 2-3)
Kinyomo 1-3 Mbogo (Agg 1-4)
Nsenene 5-1 Mazzi g’ekisasi ( 11-2)
Musu 1-1 Ngoonge ( 1-2)
Nkima 2-0 Ffumbe (Agg 3-0)
Lugave 1-0 Mmamba Namakaka (Agg 3-1)
Ngeye Vs Ntalaganya ( Agg 7-0)
Omutima Omuyanja 0-3 Mmamba Kakoboza(Agg 1-3)
Ndiga 0-1 Ngabi Nsamba (Agg 2-2 penalties Ngabi Nsamba 8-7 Ndiga)
Omutima Omusagi 1-2 Butikko (Agg 2-2 penalties Omutima Omusagi 2-0 Butiko )
Kkobe 1-1 Njaza ( Agg 1-1 penalties Njaza 4-3 Kkobe)

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