Britam to Sponsor Nam Blazers Basketball Club

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In an exciting new chapter, Britam Asset Managers Uganda have announced landmark sponsorship with the Namuwongo Blazers Basketball Club, marking a significant stride in its commitment to sports development, community engagement, and corporate social responsibility.

Britam, a leading financial services provider in Uganda, has a long-standing tradition of supporting sports, including football, rugby, and golf.

This new sponsorship with the Namuwongo Blazers aligns seamlessly with the goals of the Britam Foundation, which aims to enrich the lives of marginalized communities throughout Eastern Africa through initiatives in sports, health, education, entrepreneurship, and the environment.

A Partnership Rooted in Community and ExcellenceThe Namuwongo Blazers have made significant strides in community outreach, addressing crucial needs such as hunger, clothing, and access to sports training. Their efforts have positively impacted thousands of lives, resonating with Britam’s community values.

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“Through this partnership, we aim to extend our support beyond the boundaries of traditional corporate sponsorship. The Blazers’ commitment to excellence and community service mirrors our values at Britam, where we strive for a positive societal impact,” stated Mr. Ronald Kasolo, General Manager of Britam Asset Managers Uganda.

It underscores the importance of strategic collaborations that can amplify impact and drive progress.

“Aligning with the Namuwongo Blazers is a testament to our dedication to forging partnerships that resonate with our core values and mission. Through this alliance, we are set to innovate, empower, and create lasting value for our communities” Mr. Kasolo added.

A Mutual Vision for Growth and ImpactThe Namuwongo Blazers have distinguished themselves not only through their achievements on the basketball court but also through their profound impact on the community.

Their initiatives align with the Britam Foundation’s focus areas, including sports, health, education, and environmental conservation, making this partnership a natural fit.

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“We are excited to join forces with Britam, a company that shares our vision of using sports as a vehicle for positive change.”

“Together, we will expand our reach and deepen our impact, driving forward our mutual goals of community empowerment and sustainable development,” said George Nkya, Club Chairman for Namuwongo Blazers.

The Blazers’ extensive reach and the success in talent development provide an exceptional platform for Britam to engage with a wide audience, foster brand loyalty, and contribute to societal well-being. This collaboration is designed to leverage the strengths of both organizations to achieve greater outcomes in talent recognition, community service, and CSR.

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