Fit Africa to champion the Fitness community in Uganda

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Fit Uganda on Sunday hosted the Board of Directors and Co-founders of Fit Africa in meeting which was attended by several clubs across the country at Kati Kati Restaurant in Lugogo.

Fit Africa board of directors led by their chairman Akinola Maja his wife who works as the Chief Executive Officer of Safari Fitness Patricia Maja and Co-founder Tony Uche Ukaenwe were in attendance.

According Patricia Maja, Fit Africa will help provide paperwork to the fitness community in Africa.

“We are honored to be in Uganda. We are here to discuss everything about Fit Uganda what it means for the fitness community here, what it means for the future and to the pioneers of the fitness community.”

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“Fit Africa is also an educational platform where we open up and give people a chance to get qualified and can be able to move to various countries across the globe. There are people who don’t have paper work in this industry but we do provide them and we have given sponsorships to various people. We want to evolve fitness in Africa, just like in Europe. I believe we can stand tore to tore with the rest of the World.” Said Patricia Maja.

For starters, FIT Africa Board of Directors are there to represent stakeholders and members including sponsors, funders, fitness instructors, training providers, accreditation bodies, certification organisations, health, and community champion.

The Board supervises the execution of the agreed strategy and objectives. It meets at least four times per annum and the election for FIT Africa positions takes place at the annual general meeting held in June each year.

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