Mutuba I Mazinga win Kweba cup

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Mutuba 1 Mazinga have been crowned champions of the 2024 Kweba Cup witnessed by Kweba Augustin Kasirye.

Mutuba I Mazinga, Mumyuka Bujumba Ssabaddu Mugoye and Ssabawaali Bufumbiro are the four sub counties that competed in a round Robin system that was played on Thursday 28th March at Lutoboka and Kaala grounds.

To be crowned champions, Mutuba I Mazinga beat Mumyuka Bujumba 5-4 in spot kicks following a goalless full-time stalemate.

Ssese joins Buluuli and Mawogola that already completed their county competitions.

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Mawokoa will comclude Kayima Cup on Saturday 30th March while Kabula’s Lumaama Cup will end on Sunday 31st.

On Monday 1st April Gomba’s Kitunzi Cup final will be played at Kabulasoke grounds.

Bulemeezi’s Kangawo Cup ends on Tuesday 2nd April March.

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