Mukono district USSA football final flop due to use of ineligible players

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The USSSA Mukono District Qualifiers final between Mukono Kings and Felix Kawooya Ssekabuza’s St Julian High School Mukono which was supposed to be played on Wednesday 3rd April 2024 at St Joseph’s Nagalama did not take place.

St Julian High School Mukono petitioned Latifah Mixed that had defeated them 2-1 at the semi finals for using ineligible players.

The players in question are Ronald Kawalya and Nazir Shakib who were found guilty for over age through the evidence brought by St Julian High School.

After St Julian High School winning the petition they had to face off with Mukono Kings that had eliminated Dynamic SS Sonde 1-0 at the semi final to storm the final.

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The would be final never happened as Latifah SS Mixed players together with their fans refused to leave the field of play to let the final happen.

It now awaits the organising committee on what next and when the final is to be played.

In girls football Latifah Mixed SS defeated Mukono Kings 2-1 in spot kicks after both sides playing to a goalless full-time draw to be crowned champions.

Hamdan Islamic SS won the netball championship after a 22-19 victory against St.John’s Kauga.

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