Bika Football: Ssekiganda strikes late to earn holders Ngoonge victory as Mbogo are held

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Mbogo and Ngeye played to a stalemate as Ngabi Nsamba struggled to registered a 2-1 victory against Nte at Kabaka Kyabaggu Stadium.

Yunus Sentamu scored a brace as his Mbogo clan played to a three all draw with Ngeye.

Mbogo’s third goal was scored by Ronald Nyanzi.

Edward Kabona, Charles Ssebutinde and Steven Kabuye scored each for Ngeye clan.

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Ngabi Nsamba struggled to registered a hard fought 2-1 victory against Nte.

Bruno Bunyaga and Conrad Ntegeka were the goal scorers for Ngabi while Nte’s goal was scored by Ali Faisal Ssebyanzi.

In a third game played at Wakisha Eric Ssenjobe’s penalty handed Nkima a 1-0 victory against Nsenene.

Ronald Ssekiganda was the hero as defending champions Ngoonge defeated Mmamba Kakoboza 1-0 at Kawanda SS grounds.

George Ssemakula and Hamis Lugoloobi scored each for Lugave and Nvuma respectively as both sides played to a one all draw.

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Omutima Omusagi humbled Nyonyi Nyange to a 3-0 defeat, Abdul Mayanja, Fahim Ssaka and Sudaisi Mutale were the scorers for the winners.

Kasimba and Mpindi played to a goalless draw.

The group stage games will climax on Sunday 27th-May.

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Match day Results

Nte 1-2 Ngabi Nsamba
Mmamba Kakoboza 0-1 Ngoonge
Nsenene 0-1 Nkima
Lugave 1-1 Nvuma
Kasimba 0-0 Mpindi
Mbogo 3-3 Ngeye
Omutima Omusagi 3-0 Nyonyi Nyange
Njaza Vs Ndiisa ( Not played Ndiisa did not turn up)

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