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Gibby Kalule advocates for 22 clubs in UPL



As the Federation of Uganda Football Association seeks for opinions and ideas on the proposed amendments of the topflight and second division leagues.

Former KCCA FC and SC Villa player Gibby Kalule is against the reduction of teams from 16 to 12 and says FUFA should instead increase the clubs to 22.

Kalule asserts,

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Personally I believe, the Federation should consider increasing on the number of clubs in the topflight to 22 teams than making a reduction.”

We need to move football to various regions of the country and this can be done in a league where we have many clubs.” This will lead to development of new talents from several parts of the country.”

If you reduce on the number of teams many players will end up unemployed.”

On the quality of the league

During our time, the league used to attract players from Kenya and we also had around 40 players going for greener pastures coming from a league that was not sponsored by then. We were rich in quality and the clubs were very strong.”

Today, the league has got sponsors and the government also injects in money but football has deepened in quality due to some small issues that the Federation has failed to tackle.”

I remember during heavy rains some games were called off due to limited stadiums and this is the league that has sponsors.”

These proposed reforms were made by the FUFA Executive Assembly in their 22nd convention held on 13th March 2020 at the Executive House of the FUFA in Mengo, Kampala.

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