Adjumani, Kampala shine at 2023 Game Connect Annual Sports Tourney

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2nd Game Connect Annual sports Tournament:


Football: Adjumani

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Netball: Kampala

Adjumani was successful in the football competition as Kampala was victorious in Netball during the second edition of the Game Connect Annual sports gala that climaxed recently in Northern Uganda.

This event attracted teams from the 5 districts was hosted by Palabek Refugee settlement at Word View Primary school in Lamwo, Kitgum District.

The theme of these games was “Sport for a better mental health and a common identity” with the bold objective of fronting sports as a tool to promote unity and improve mental health of young people.


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Adjumani won the football category beating Kampala in the finale.

Kampala had topped the group stage with six points, ahead of Adjumani on goal difference.

Kyangwali, Kamwenge and hosts Lamwo completed the respective top five positions.

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Individual Awards:

The duo of Christine Kojoki and Irene Machiruku were identified as the most valuable players.

Kyangwali goalkeeper Ezera Jacob was the youngest player in the entire tournament.

Jean Paul Niyonzima of Kamwenge was outstanding goalkeeper as Lamwo’s Martine Kinyera was top scorer.

Several most improved persons with disabilities were rewarded as well and these included; Festo Nuwagaba (Kamwenge), Emmanuel Jopee (Kampala), Paul Ategeka (Kyangwali), Hellen Achiro (Adjumani) and Jane Adyee (Lamwo).


Kampala came top in Netball sport after amassing 8 points with 62 goals.

Hosts Lamwo played second fiddle with 6 points (38 goals).

In third place was Adjumani with 4 points (31 goals), Kamwenge came fourth with 2 points (14 Goals) as Kyangweli did not manage any point (10 Goals)

Individual Awards:

Esther Jua (Adjumani) was Most Valuable Player (MVP).

The MVP (special needs) were Annuarite Tetiane (Kamwenge) and Kampala’s Damastin Ojok.

Evas Shimimana (Kamwenge) was youngest player, the best shooter Annet Diana Akello (Kampala), best defender as Philiph Khemis (Lamwo) and the best center as Safii Asifiwe (Kyangwali).

Francis Okello of Lamwo took the fair play award.

Key Stakeholders:

There were various stakeholders ranging from the Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC), MHPSS partners, local leaders within Palabek settlement, Lamwo district, Sports Talent identification department, Ministry of Education and Sports, youths from Palabek settlement and a team from the Olympic Refugee Foundation (donor).

Paul Tergat, Kenya’s great Olympian was the chief guest at these games.

Football (Group Stages):

1st: Kampala

2nd: Adjumani

3rd: Kyangwali

4th: Kamwenge

5th: Lamwo

Individual Awards:

·     MVPs: Christine Kojoki & Irene Machiruku

·     Youngest player: Ezera Jacob (Goalkeeper, Kyangwali)

·     Best Goalkeeper: Jean Paul Niyonzima (Kamwenge)

·     Top scorer: Martine Kinyera (Lamwo)

Most Improved persons with disabilities:

·     Festo Nuwagaba (Kamwenge)

·     Emmanuel Jopee (Kampala)

·     Paul Ategeka (Kyangwali)

·     Hellen Achiro (Adjumani)

·     Jane Adyee (Lamwo)


·     Winner: Kampala – 8 Points (62 Goals)

·     2nd: Lamwo – 6 Points (38 Goals)

·     3rd: Adjumani – 4 Points (31 Goals)

·     4th: Kamwenge – 2 Points (14 Goals)

·     5th: Kyangweli – 0 Point (10 Goals)


·     MVP – Esther Jua (Adjumani)

·     MVP Special Needs – Annuarite Tetiane (Kamwenge) & Damastin Ojok (Kampala)

·     Youngest player: Evas Shimimana (Kamwenge)

·     Best Shooter: Annet Diana Akello (Kampala)

·     Best Defender: Philiph Khemis (Lamwo)

·     Best Center: Safii Asifiwe (Kyangwali)

·     Fair play Award: Francis Okello (Lamwo)

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