All set ahead of Kawagga and Batwawula fight

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Event: Survival for the fittest
Date: 7th April, 2023
Venue: Gladiator Paradise in Masanafu
Entrance fee: Tables Shs300000, VIP Shs30000, Ordinary Shs10000

Kawagga Bamweyana “Owebbunwe” will face off with Alex Batwawula Red Scorpion in the Boxing fight on Friday, 7th April at Gladiator Paradise in Masanafu

Kawagga is optimistic that he will win the fight and has promised to teach his opponent

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“He is a student and I am a coach. I want to teach these students, I am going to cain him. I want real men not such an opponent and so I argue everyone to come and support me.”

His opponent Batwawula asserts that he didn’t travel from Jinja to Kampala to lose the bout

“I came from Kiyira, I am going to beat him and take his wife tomorrow. He won’t survive the second round. Kawagga is going to pay for everything tomorrow. The fans should expect a great fight and I call upon the judges to make the right judgement.” Said Batwawula.

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