Victims of circumstances, A league title won on the pitch but lost in the boardroom

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Bonny Lule

Ruth stays with her 5 year old sister Katie in a house that they must leave probably because they can’t afford it anymore. One day the area sheriff shows up at the house to evict Ruth and the sister.

An angry Ruth threatens to shoot the Sheriff if he dares to step inside the house. Despite the threat, the Sheriff does enter the house anyway and on doing so, Ruth’s 5 year old sister shoots the Sheriff and kills him.

Minutes later, police shows up at the house and Ruth turns herself in as the killer. She is arrested and sent to prison for 20 years for a crime she didn’t commit. This is a scene in the 2021 drama film titled THE UNFORGIVABLE.

Like we all now know, SC Villa painfully lost the league title on the last day to defending champions Vipers after losing to URA 1-0 on Saturday at Wankulukuku.

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This will go down in history as a title that was lost in the boardroom rather than on the pitch. What had always been the worry of many finally became a reality when the docked 2 points from Sc Villa turned out to be decisive in the title race.

This was not the first time points where being docked from Villa in recent times. In the 2017-2018 season, Villa was docked 2 points for fan violence at St Mary’s Stadium in Kitende.

In that particular season the points deduction did not make any difference as Villa ended the season in third place but with 10 points less than champions Vipers.

This time round though the 2 points docked would have seen Villa being crowned Champions for the 17th time after close to two decades.

Villa are not the only ones that have lost points for fans violence and hooliganism. East side club Busoga United and Onduparaka were also victims of FUFA’s disciplinary committee.

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During the time the decisions were implemented, some clubs cried foul and said it was unfair for FUFA to punish clubs because of fan violence at the stadium. They did raise some pertinent points.

1. In our current set up, do clubs realistically have control over fans and what they do in the stands?

2. Does FUFA have the capacity to pin a particular hooligan/s to a club?

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I can add a third one and ask,

3. What is the scale that is used to determine how much violence deserves to be punished by point deduction? Is it fair for example if a small group of fans say 5 -10 misbehave and a club has to be docked points?

What if a few rival fans don the jersey of their rivals and then cause havoc at a football game just to get their rivals in the bad books of the FUFA disciplinary committee?!

Proline FC director and CAF coaches instructor Mujib Kasule tweeted before the last games of the season on Saturday and posed a question,

‘’From points collected on the field of play, Villa already won the league on Tuesday but because 2 of their points were unjustifiably taken away from the boardroom, they now have to win the league a second time tomorrow. When fans fight after the game why punish the players?’’

FUFA president responded saying they don’t have the technology and facilities to do what is done in Europe

‘’I think it is the art of trying to find fault. FUFA has used points deductions to cub hooliganism. We do not have the technology and facilities to do what is done in Europe
The price of hooliganism is exactly why this matter is being resurrected.’’

The exchange between these two went on respectfully I must say with Mujib then arguing that not all laws that are made are good. That is why they are amended or repealed but to do so, you need the art of listening to voices that are not necessarily aligned to yours. Tweeted Mujib.

The sight of all the Villa players heart broken and in tears after the loss to URA reminded me of Ruth acted by Sandra Bullock in the movie THE UNFORGIVABLE who had to painfully serve a sentence for a crime she didn’t commit just to protect the younger sister Katie.

Coach Jackson Magera and his boys are serving a sentence for a crime they didn’t commit. They won the league on the pitch but then lost it in the boardroom.

Fresh from prison, Ruth tries to get in touch with Katie but she is told by Katie’s adoptive parents that she has no recollection of her life with Ruth!!

Katie did not remember a single thing of what happened on the eventful day when she shot the sheriff.

Hopefully, the Villa fans that engaged in acts of violence and hooliganism that day at Wankulukuku still have a recollection of their actions. It’s important that they do going forward so that history may never repeat itself, that said, they are unforgivable.

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