Bika Football Quarterfinalists revealed

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The Bika Byabaganda Football tournament last group stage games were played yesterday on Monday 24th July.

Last editions finalists Lugave did not go past the group stages they finished third in group A where Ngo and Nsenene progressed to the quarter finals.

Lugave managed to collected ten points while Ngo and Nsenene had 11 each finishing in the first and second positions respectively.

Previous semi finalists Ffumbe and Ngoonge are the two clans that made it to the quarter finals from group B

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Ffumbe topped the group with nine points but with a superior goal difference, Ngoonge also had nine points in the second position

Omutima Omusagi, Mbogo from group C that also had Kkobe which finished fourth in the previous edition.

Mbogo in the second position had nine points while the group leaders Omutima Omusagi had 13 points.

Ngeye (14 points )and Omutima Omusagi (nine points) will play this year’s quarter finals from group D

Defending champions Ndiga did not even make it to the group stages as they were eliminated at the round of 32 by Ngabi Nsamba 3-2.

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The quarter finals will be played on Wednesday 2nd July with the venues yet to be confirmed

In Netball the semi finals were also played Ngeye defeated Nkima 33-30 and Nnyonyi also eliminated Mamba Namakaka 52-42.

Bika Football quarter finals first leg fixtures to be played on Wednesday 2nd August

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1. Ngo Vs Omutima Omusagi

2. Ngeye Vs Nsenene

3. Ffumbe Vs Mbogo

4. Omutima Omuyanja Vs Ngonge

Bika Netball finals to be played on 26th/08

Ngeye Vs Nnyonyi Nyange

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