Uganda Boxing Champions league: Kyobe claims bloody victory over Mbaziira

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Featherweight boxer Kyobe Jonah had to sweat for his victory over Eliphaz Mbaziira during a Uganda Boxing Champions league week 7 bout on Saturday at TLC Kamwokya.

Mbaziira had a brilliant start winning the opening two rounds of the 5-round featherweight main fight on Saturday before he lost steam in the in the third and fourth rounds.

Kyobe took advantage and won the third and fourth rounds. The 5th round was close but the 2022 Africa bronze medallist scored more points to take the day.

This was Kyobe’s first fight this season having missed out on week five due to illness. He was to battle Khassim Murungi.

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Murungi earned a ticket to the ongoing Africa Boxing Championship in Cameroon where he lost on his debut to Mozambique’s Sigauque Armando Rugoberto at the round of 16 on Sunday.

Over 15 bouts took place on Saturday night including Owen Kibira’s win against Kawoya Mohamed Ali.

Kibira also a national team boxer prevailed after the referee stopped contest (RSC) in the third round.

Ssekyanzi Charles (Lukanga) unanimously beat Ssewanyana Baker (Zebra) 5-0 in the Special contest while Adriko Jimmy cruised 4:1 past Kaddu Julius in the Lightweight bout.

Nantongo Shakira was dominant against Sultan Mariam winning 5-0 in their Fly Elite Girls contest.

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