Assistant Referee Marex Nakitto to retire from refereeing

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Marex Nkumbi Nakitto a FIFA Female assistant Referee will officially retire from officiating matches at the end of this year.

Nakitto confirmed the development through a letter she wrote to FUFA.

“FIFA Female Assistant Referee Marex Nkumbi Nakitto has officially written to FUFA confirming she will retire from officiating games on 30th December 2023.”

“We wish you all the best in your future endeavors Nakitto.” Read a statement from FUFA

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Nakitto, 37, became a national referee in 2008 in Kayunga District. Three years later, she earned the prestigious FIFA badge which she holds to date.

Nakitto hailed retired referee Denis Batte for inspiring her into refereeing

Denis Batte who is also a retired referee who she says inspired her to join refereeing.

“I want to appreciate and deeply thank my mentor in Refereeing Mr. Batte Denis, sincerely
if it wasn’t him refereeing wouldn’t have seen me, he paid for my refereeing course, trained me taught me, cared for me, brought me all the way from Kayunga to Kampala, made sure I reach the FIFA level and indeed it happened and I hope I have not disappointed him.” Said Nakitto

Following her retirement, Uganda now has three female assistant referees who are Lydia Nantabo, Elizabeth Nassolo and Jane Mutoni.

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She joins Catherine Cynthia Nagaddya who retired from officiating the beautiful game in 2019.

Shamirah Nabadda, Diana Murungi and Habiba Naigaga are the three female centre referees in the country.

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