Kibuli SS once again retains Overall UMEA Games title

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David GOMBE 

Kibuli Secondary School once again retained the overall Uganda Muslim Education Association Solidarity Games (UMEA) title.

The 2024 Games were hosted at Masaka SS during the Easter Weekend. Prince Kassim Nakibinge graced the climax of the games on Monday.

Kibuli SS clinched three gold medals in Table Tennis both boys and girls and added gold in Badminton to retain the overall title.

Kawanda SS finished second with two gold medals in Netball and Handball Girls.

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Hosts Masaka Secondary School scooped the football (boys) gold after overcoming Madinah Islamic 1-0 in the final that was played on Monday.

Hosts Masaka SS clinched the boys Football title

Kawempe Muslim Secondary School retained the Girls football title.

UMEA Solidarity Games 2024

OVERALL WINNERS : Kibuli Secondary School

1st: Masaka SS
2nd: Madinah Islamic
3rd: Kawempe Muslim

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1st: Kawempe Muslim A
2nd: Masaka SS
3rd: Kawempe Muslim B

1st: Kawanda SS
2nd: Greenlight Islamic
3rd: Kadugala SS

1st: Kakungulu Memorial
2nd: Gombe SS
3rd: Kawanda SS

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1st: Kawanda SS
2nd: Gombe SS
3rd: Mbogo High School

1st: Mbogo Mixed
2nd: Namagabi SS
3rd: Kinaawa High School Kawempe

1st: Kinaawa High School Mugongo
2nd: Mariam High
3rd: Ubuntu Hill

1st: Kibuli SS
2nd: Kinaawa High School Kawempe
3rd: Kakungulu Memorial

1st: Mbogo High School
2nd: Kakungulu Memorial
3rd: Mariam High

1st: Kibuli SS
2nd: Mbogo Mixed
3rd: Kakungulu Memorial

1st: Kibuli SS
2nd: Mbogo High
3rd: Mbogo College

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