Kickboxing Bonanza: Sekito Alex to battle Dheyonngera Abdulatif on Easter Sunday

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Event: Kickboxing Bonanza
Main Fight: Sekito Alex Vs Dheyonngera Abdulatif
Venue: Balemeezi Memorial Gardens, Semuto
Date: Easter Sunday
Entrance Fee: Ordinary 10K, VIP 20K, Table 500k

Alex Sekito (Golola Talent Academy) will faceoff with Dheyonngera Abdulatif (Kamuli) in a Kickboxing fight organized by Golola Promotions.

The two fighters will showcase their potential on Easter Sunday (9th April, 2023) at Balemeezi Memorial Gardens in Semuto.

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Golola Moses the event’s promoter had called upon the kickboxing fraternity to come and support the two fighters.

“It’s going to be action packed on Easter Sunday, we have very many fighters from clubs such as UPDF, Lira, Luzira Prison Club, Hard Body and Pentagon kickboxing clubs. I call upon the people of Semuto to come and support the game of kickboxing. We want to lift the talents from those ends just like Sekito. We want to make these fighters celebrities, they have to gain from the game just like us, so that’s why we are heading back to their ancestral homes.”

“Golola will live forever but will not fight forever, so I want to start promoting the young fighters.” These are the upcoming champions and they need that massive support.”

Sekito promised to knock down his opponent in the main fight

“Have beaten all the fighters from Busoga region and its time for Dahongera to face it rough. He cannot survive, I will beat him and he is going to even forget to speak his mother language.”

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Sekito Alex

Dheyonngera is also optimistic ahead of the fight

“I am going to teach this young man, that he is nothing in terms of Kickboxing. He is not going to survive, he had to learn alot from me.” Said Dheyonngera.

Dheyonngera optimistic

Sekito weighed 72Kg while Dheyonngera made 84Kg.

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On the same day, Dorcus Nantongo (Golola Talent Academy) will take on Zuena Nanziri (Hard Body Kickboxing club)

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