Dates for Bika Bya Baganda First round preliminary round revealed

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The dates for the Bika By’abaganda Football first round preliminary games have been confirmed by the Bika Football and Netball Committee (BIFONEC).

The games that had been set to start on Wednesday 24th May will instead start on Friday 24th of the same month.

Four games will be played on Friday 26th Njovu will be against Nkula, Njobe will play Nakinsige, Butiko will be with Nsuma while Nkusu will play Mazzi Ga Kisasi.

Wednesday 31st May will witness five games, Ndisa and Kayozi, Nvuma Vs Kibe, Nvubu Vs Nkeje, Mpewo Vs Nyonyi Nyange and Ntalaganya Vs Mbwa

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The games are to be played at Wankulukuku, Buddo SS, Old Kampala SS, Mengo SS, Wakisha and Kawanda SS

The second round is expected to kick off on Wednesday 7th and climax on 9th June.

Friday 26th May games

Njovu Vs Nkula
Njobe Vs Nakinsige
Butiko Vs Nsuma
Nkusu Vs Mazzi ga Kisasi

Wednesday 31st May

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Ntalaganya Vs Mbwa
Mpewo Vs Nnyange
Nvubu Vs Nkejje
Nvuma Vs Kibe
Ndisa Vs Kayozi

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