Jayid Logistics Soccer tournament to climax on Sunday

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The first edition of the Jayid Logistics Soccer tournament will officially climax on Sunday at KIDZA Arena in Busega.

The tournament kickoff last month with over 16 teams taking part.

Currently the event is at the Semifinal stage with Ali Motors set to battle Jayid Logistics while Najib Select will face off with Shidi Friends.

Prizes to be won

The first Semifinal between Ali Motors and Jayid Logistics will be held at 2:45PM with the second due at 3:45PM.

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The playoff match to determine the third placed team and the fourth will kickoff at 7:00Pm while the final will be played at 8:30PM.

Winners of the first edition will smile with a trophy, Sh2m and a jersey while the second placed team will smile with Shs1M and a set of jersey.

Third placed team will walk away with Shs500k and set of a jersey with the fourth placed team taking home Shs250k and a jersey as well.

Their will be individual awards such as Golden glove, golden Boot and Golden ball.

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